Chinese Medicine Cancer Treatment

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Currently there is considerable interest among oncologists to find anticancer drugs in Chinese herbal medicine (CHM). Recently there have been encouraging results, from a western perspective, in the cancer research field regarding the anticancer effects of CHM.

Experiments showed that CHM played its anticancer role by inducing apoptosis and differentiation, enhancing the immune system, inhibiting angiogenesis, reversing multidrug resistance (MDR), etc. Clinical trials demonstrated that CHM could improve survival, increase tumor response, improve quality of life, or reduce chemotherapy toxicity, although much remained to be determined regarding the objective effects of CHM in human in the context of clinical trials.

Interestingly, both laboratory experiments and clinical trials have demonstrated that when combined with chemotherapy, CHM could raise the efficacy level and lower toxic reactions. These facts raised the feasibility of the combination of herbal medicines and chemotherapy, although much remained to be investigated in this area.

Herbs Used for Cancer Treatment

The Main Chinese Herbs Used for Cancer Treatment are:

– Rei Shi and various mushrooms
– Lu Feng Fang: Hornet Nest
– Long Kui: Solanum
– Ban Zhi Lian: Scutellaria
– Dong Ling Cao: Rabdosime Rubescentis
– Bai Hua She She Cao: Oldenlandia
– yi-yi-jen: Chinese pearl barley, or Jobs’s tears,
– Yang Shen: Panax (Red) Ginseng
– Astragalus: Huang Qi

The Main Chinese Herbal combinations Used for Cancer Treatment are

Breast cancer herbs: oldenlandia (20 %), taraxacum (20 %), scutellaria (20 %), aurantium (20 %), curcuma (20 %)

Stomach cancer herbs: oldenlandia (40 %) and imperata (30 %) or use scutellaria (15%) and imperata (15%)

Esophageal cancer herbs: oldenlandia (25 %), scutellaria (25 %), imperata (25 %), cotton root (25 %)

Colon cancer herbs: oldenlandia (60 %), scutellaria (15 %), solanum (60 %), sanguisorba (30 %), viola (15 %)

Ovarian cancer herbs: oldenlandia (20 %), scutellaria (30 %), solanum (30 %), turtle shell (20 %)

Lung cancer herbs: scutellaria (50 %), taraxacum (12.5 %), ophiopogonis (12.5 %), oldenlandia (25 %)

Liver cancer herbs: oldenlandia (30 %), scutellaria (30 %), phragmites (10 %), peonae alba (30 %)

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