Unlike $5000 Plus “Frequency Generators” or Rife Machines, The Rife Digital Professional V3
is designed to reproduce all of Dr Rife’s Treatment Program at a fifth of the Price!

Our most popular Rife Machine, The Rife Digital Professional has transformed the lives of more than 20 thousand people across the planet using the built in Dr Rife Treatment Protocol. The Compact size, easy to read menu and Large display in 3 built in languages, plus the instruction book in 12 languages, all makes this Rife Machine suitable for all people in all places and all countries.

Medical Equipment approved Adapter
Compatible with all International Power

Medical Equipment approved Adapter
Compatible with all International Power

pakage (2)

Bundled with 6 Velcro Straps and Plenty of Spares

Benefits: 25 Built in programs cover the most common types of disease conditions, which means a treatment can be started straight out of the box, without having to study the manuals. Comfortable and easy to adjust Velcro Straps are attachable to hands or feet for treatments. Programs above 20 are clear, so specific or lesser known diseases can be easily programmed into those Groups using the ETDFL frequency list.

A Hand Held Machine! In the case when a person who is traveling around a lot, they will really find the benefits in a lighter and easy to carry Rife Machine with all country plugs provided
in the box. Lighter in weight, but providing more powerful frequency output than many of the huge box type “Rife Machines” selling for up to $5000

Rife Digital Professional V3

Presenting the introduction of the most powerful Rife Machine available: “The Rife Digital Professional V3”.

This Professional Rife Machine V3 produces multiple frequency bandwidths, 20 Default Program Groups, Super Sweep, Convergence Sweep and Exceeds all expectations in power output and amperage for the healing processes of the most serious diseases.

Dr Rife expressed time and again the importance of precise frequencies backed up by higher power output and amps, to achieve the best healing effects. Engineered to the highest standards in Germany, the Rife Digital continues to produce the very same frequencies of its predecessors, the Royal Rife Machine and the ‘Beam Ray’

How to Plug In and Set Up Rife Digital Professional V3

Setting Up

Your Machine

Use the Mode Functions, Group Functions, Sweep Function

Mode Functions


How to Program the V3, Plus using the advanced Carrier Wave features


and Carrier Wave

The Rife Digital Professional V3








Through the use of Modern Electronics, one can now access the Rife Frequency Manual ETDFL, and program in specific frequency sets to assist with the reversal of many chronic diseases and ailments.

The Rife Digital automatically reproduces these frequencies through the 4 straps provided (2 x hands, 2 x feet), so as to provide a harmonious frequency wave which kills and destroys pathogens in the body

Instruction Book
Instruction Book
Dr Royal Rife
Dr Royal Rife
Rife-04-2 copy

Instruction Book in 3 Languages, ETDFL in ENGLISH,
12 Language Instruction book on USB, 12 Language ETDFL on USB

Dr Royal Rife was fortunate to work with many Cancer patients using the Rife Frequency machines, and was able to cure 100% of terminally ill patients in a matter of months.

With over 20000 users in Europe and the world, the “Professional Rife Machine V3” provides a machine in alignment with the Original Dr Rife machine. You can have the same positive experience as Dr Royal Rife, using this modern Electro-Therapy ‘Rife’ technology to reverse disease conditions.


– Rife Digital Professional 25 Group Series
– 3 Language Menu (English, Spanish, Japanese)
– Included 12 Language Book, and 12 Language ETDFL (Frequency List) PDF on USB
– Setup and Training Videos included
– Dual Frequency Output (2 Frequencies output) with Convergence
– Voltage Adjustable 17.5v / 14.5v / 12.5v
– Fully Programmable Rife Machine With Equivalent Power of CLINIC Standard Rife devices
– Easy to Use and Program Keyboard. Enter frequencies quickly and easily.
– Power Rating: 19v-DC, (35% x more Power than other Rife Machines)
– Power Adapter Rating: 4500ma, (Professional model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)
– DAC: Digital Accuracy with Bioresonance Output Capability
– RF Frequencies – Dr Rife’s Original Machine. Button Switchable
– CW Frequencies – Dr Rife’s Carrier Wave. Button Switchable
– Huge LCD display with more menu options
– Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz – 0999.99Khz (1MHz)
– Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
– Square Wave, Switches to SINE Wave on Dr Rife Beam Ray Light
– 6 Pcs Strap Connectors for the hands and feet, – 4 Leads (2 usable, 2 spare)
– Design, Motherboard and Component manufacture in Germany
– All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v – 230/240/250v)
– Super Sweep, Pulse Sweep, Convergence Sweep, RUN, Program and Master Reset


– Rife MAT Packs and Rife Belt Packs
– Super MAT Pack, All Mats and Accessories Bundle

Optional Super Mat Pack
Optional Super Mat Pack
Optional Rife Healing Mat (Body)
Optional Rife Healing Mat (Body)
Optional Rife Healing Belt (Head/Neck/Leg/Arm)
Optional Rife Healing Belt (Head/Neck/Leg/Arm)

The Professional Rife Machine V3 is made in Germany and has a Sales and Service center in
USA. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee applies

Over 20000 Users World Wide!

The new Rife Digital Professional V3, has multiple switching voltage.
If using the machine on children or babies, we suggest to turn the voltage down a few notches.
While on the other hand, while treating more chronic disease problems,
one should run the Rife Machine at the preset maximum setting.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • The latest Rife Machine (V3 Professional)
  • Includes 6 Velcro Straps for Hands/Feet
  • Includes English/Japanese/Spanish menu
  • 6 Instructional Videos inside Box *
  • 22 International Language books in box *
  • Hot Swap Rife Carrier Wave and RF
  • 25 Built in Dr Rife Protocol Programs
  • User area for adding 3500 ETDFL Programs
  • Super Sweep, Pulse Sweep, Convergence Sweep
  • Sensitivity Select through Voltage Menu
  • Compact, Lightweight Professional Rife Machine
  • Large Easy to read Menu Screen
  • Sales and Service Center in USA
  • Replacement Guarantee, Money back warranty
  • German Quality and Design

* LIST OF FACTORY PROGRAMS:1. Arthritis, Rheumatism2. Asthma, Allergies3. STD (Sexually Transmitted D)4. Hepatitis A, B, C5. Dental, Oral Health6. Cancer, General7. Metastasis (Cancer)8. Dr Rife's M.O.R. (Cancer)9. Alzheimers, Dementia10. Bacterial Infections11. Virus ComprehensiveCOVID 19 FrequenciesALL COVID list in ETDFL12. Hypertension (HBP)13. Heart Disease, COPD14. Diabetes 1, 2 + Onset15. Dr Hulda Clark Parasite16. Breast Cancer17. Brain Diseases18. Molds, Fungal19. Pain, General20. Stress Disorders21. Dr Rife Injury Set22. Dr Rife Eye Set23. Dr Rife Anti Aging Set24. Dr Rife Beam Ray25-30. User Groups

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