Pao Pereira, PB-100, Flavopereirine, Geissospermum vellosii

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Pao Pereira is a medium sized Amazon rainforest tree, indigenous to Suriname, growing up to 60” tall, the bark of the tree contains the Pythochemical: Flavopereirin (an alkanoid) with anti tumor properties. The bark of pao pereira has therapeutic action against cancer – and leukemia cells. It also shows promising results in suppressing the further profilaration of HIV and herpes viruses.

Flavopereirine (also called PB-100) is a smaller molecule than alstonine, and is able to cross the blood brain barrier, making it useful in the treatment of brain tumours. Research studies, many being in vitro, have shown flavopereirine to be effective against a wide range of cancers. Also possesses antiviral properties, research studies showing efficacy against HIV, hepatitis C, etc., where it is generally used in conjunction with Ginko V.

Another known treatment is a combined extract of the bark of pao pereira and pao tariri (Quassia amara), the latter stimulating gastric juices and being commonly used as an aid to digestion. The bark also contains quassimarin, which has demonstrated some anti-tumour and anti-leukemic properties, in various studies.

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